Newsletter 29th November 2020

St. Peter’s Parish Church,

Kirk Onchan


29 November 2020 – Advent Sunday

 Almighty God, as your kingdom dawns, turn us from the darkness of sin to the light of holiness, that we may be ready to meet you in our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen

 Prayer Diary

 People involved in Charity Work and those people living in Royal Drive, Belgravia Road, Imperial Terrace.


St George and All Saints Douglas Clergy Andie Brown, Alex Brown

Reader Charles Flynn


Pray for our children’s ministry and outreach and for Alex Brown’s Pioneer Ministry as his curacy with us has now ended.


Those who are struggling in mind, body & spirit that they may know God’s comfort & healing: Sheila Pyatt-Coppell, Sheila Cowley, Olivia Pettigrew, Sandra Caley, Christopher Browne, Mildred Cooper, Dorothy Singleton, George Sinclair, Christine Roberts, Liz Pickering, Roberto Di Chiara & Tara Mackenzie.


In addition there are a number of people at home preparing for tests and procedures  who don’t wish to be named, however, I would ask you to please keep in your prayers all those we know of who are struggling in mind, body and spirit at this time.


Those who have lost loved ones & in particular the family & friends of: Ray Kneen & David Robbins.


And those we name in the quiet of our hearts. Amen

Please remember that we need permission to put names on this list. Please help us to keep this list up to date by keeping us informed of changes.


 2 Corinthians 9:6-15

Luke 17:11-19


Daily Prayers in the Advent Season for those at home


Watchful at all times,
let us pray for strength to stand with confidence
before our Maker and Redeemer.


That God may bring in his kingdom with justice and mercy,
let us pray to the Lord:

–      for the hungry …

–      for the homeless …

–      for refugees and the victims of war …

Come Lord Jesus


That God may establish among the nations
his sceptre of righteousness,
let us pray to the Lord:

–      for the IOM government …

–      for the leaders of the nations …

–      for all who hold public office …

that they may be filled with the integrity, justice, mercy and humility of Jesus Christ

Come Lord Jesus


That we may seek Christ in the scriptures
and recognize him in the breaking of the bread,
let us pray to the Lord:

–      for the good news of the gospel to reach all…

–      for courage to proclaim Jesus with our lives and with our lips…

Come Lord Jesus

That God may bind up the brokenhearted,
restore the sick
and raise up all who have fallen,
let us pray to the Lord:

–      for all suffering the effects of Covid19…

–      for those whose diagnosis and treatment have been adversely affected by the epidemic…

–      for those struggling with increased loss of mobility and independence…

–      for those experiencing mental health issues, loneliness and isolation…

Come Lord Jesus


That the light of God’s coming may dawn
on all who live in darkness and the shadow of death,
let us pray to the Lord:

–      for those who are terminally ill and drawing near to the end f their earthly life…

–      for those who have lost loved ones…

Come Lord Jesus


That, with all the saints in light,
we may shine forth as lights for the world,
let us pray to the Lord:

–      that being salt and light we will season our conversations and relationships with grace and hope…

Come Lord Jesus

Let us commend the world, which Christ will judge,
to the mercy and protection of God.



Dear Friends

As we begin this season of Advent watching and waiting for the coming of Jesus both in our Christmas celebrations and in his second coming, it seems to me that so many people are seeking comfort and light in what has been a very difficult and dark year.  Advent as a time for reflection and prayer is a good starting point to help us explore and move forward in our prayer walk with Christ.


Both the Church of England and Northumbria Community provide resources to help us in our daily journey of prayer as follows:


I have also set out below seasonal prayer resources for those who do not have access to the internet.


I’m looking forward to being with you all again next week and particularly the Torchlight procession on Wednesday evening the 2nd Dec.


God’s blessings, Alessandra


Thanks to everyone who helped with their time and also by donating to the Christmas Fair. Your support and generosity was amazing. It was a fabulous day and a tremendous team effort.


£3000 was raised towards church funds, with 10% being donated to the

Isle of Man Air Ambulance.


Thank you all so much


The Flower Team


Ladies’ Fellowship


First & Third Wednesday of each month


Onchan Parish Hall

8:00pm October – May


Suitable for all ages, new members welcome



Sheila Kelly 836014

Dot Winrow 620560


Mothers’ Union Members


Members are invited to Onchan Methodist

Christmas Afternoon Tea

Wednesday 2nd December 2:15pm

with entertainment by Judy Cross and friends


Mothers’ Union

Advent Carol Service

Friday 4th December, Braddan Church 7:00pm


Collection in envelopes marked Prison (for tools and educational equipment)


Date Time Event Location/Notes
29/11/20          11:00am






CW Holy Communion





Choir Practice

Church –

Margaret Fourie





30/11/20          10:30am Peter Bear Party Church
01/12/20            9:00am


Open the Book


Onchan School &

Ashley Hill School

02/12/20          10:30am





BCP Holy Communion




Night of Light

Church–John Guilford




Port Jack Glen/

Onchan Park

03/12/20          11:15am Open the Book Laxey School
04/12/20          11:00am



Ashes Burial


Roc Vannin Choir




06/12/20          11:00am



CW Holy Communion


Choir Practice





Onchan, Lonan & Laxey Team Ministry Information


Interim Minister Onchan Alessandra Di Chiara

The Vicarage, 62 Ballabrooie Way, Douglas IM1 4HB

Phone 679274 or 210208

or email [email protected]


Team Vicar Lonan & Laxey Jo Dudley Phone 861989

or email [email protected]


Parish Clerk [email protected] Phone 675797




Facebook St Peter’s Church, Onchan



The contact for Onchan Parish Hall is Elaine Cory 416669

Email [email protected] or contact us on Facebook



Live Streaming and Safeguarding

As the service is being live streamed, if you are bringing a child to the service and do not wish them to appear on camera, please let us know at the beginning of the service and we will make sure this does not happen.